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Akin Pest Prevention Plus is the most advanced pest control company in central Florida. Staffed by entomologists, Akin Pest is on the forefront of the latest products and technological advances in the pest control industry.

The difference between Pest Prevention and Pest Control
Most people think Pest Prevention is just a fancy way of saying the same thing, and they are wrong! Pest Control is the application of pesticides, whether needed or not, to control or eliminate pest infestation in & around the home. You’ve seen it for years. In some cases, it’s exactly what you expect; a service technician comes into your home on a regular basis and sprays something along the baseboards. You pay for the technicians time, the chemicals and gas to get to your house, not too mention taking time away from your day to be available for the appointment. In today’s world, this practice is inconvenient, in many cases not effective, and in all cases, unnecessary.

Akin Pest offers Pest Prevention services custom designed around your needs. Our trained professional staff assesses your home and develops a specific Integrated Pest Management solution, to solve your pest concerns. After this initial assessment we will return as necessary to verify and adjust your Integrated Pest Management plan. At your annual renewal our technicians visit your home to maintain your Integrated Pest Managment Plan. Rest assured, if you need us right away you can contact us anytime. Because of our highly-trained and experienced staff, Akin Pest Prevention Plus can offer flexible schedules and a full range of solutions for pests that other pest control companies cannot, to accommodate any budget.

Our Services

Our Services No other pest control company in central Florida can offer the full range of services, specialization, and personal professional treatment that Akin Pest Prevention Plus can offer you.
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Fast, Fair and Friendly Service
We offer service agreements that meet your budget requirements while getting rid of those nasty pests.

We stand behind every job we do. When there's an issue, we fix it.

Customer Service

Our friendly customer service representatives are highly trained and can answer your questions.

Our Guarantee

At Akin Pest Prevention protecting the health and property of our clients is what we do best! Our dedicated pest consultants provide timely and effective services, using the latest treatment methods. In addition, with our Pest Control Service Pledge you are always guaranteed complete satisfaction on all of our services. This is just another way we stand behind our motto, "Service You Can Trust, at a Price You Can Afford!" Call or click anytime for a free inspection or estimate.